Portland Neighborhoods by the Numbers 2018

From Alameda to Woodstock, we’ve got the numbers you need to navigate Portland’s real estate market.

Here’s Portland Monthly’s reference guide to 125 Portland neighborhoods and suburbs. Last year, Portland’s real estate heat map was a ring of fire: fanning the length of the West Hills, blazing east from Parkrose to Pleasant Valley. Now, after two years of double-digit price surges, the fever might be easing. In 2017, Portland median home sale prices climbed just 5 percent to $400K (the past year, prices rose a blazing 12 percent); 19 neighborhoods actually lost value. What hasn’t changed? Our appeal to transplants: nearly 9 percent of us (again) are fresh arrivals to the city. Hello, newcomers. Can I interest you in a Healy Heights manse?

Ready the full article and numbers HERE

Posted on April 3, 2018 at 5:10 am
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